Entrepreneurial Support



Following a successful 25-year commercial and international banking career, Ron Nairn saw an opportunity to help would-be entrepreneurs to minimize their risk and realize their dreams.


Ron's banking experiences convinced him that most failed business ventures did not result from an inability to do what the business owner set out to do, but rather from the failure to navigate the unfamiliar areas of business.


Since 2001, Ron has coached over 150 entrepreneurs through the early stages of setting up their businesses. He has custom designed feasibility and business plans. Special effort is always placed on cash flow and it’s comprehensiveness, as he has found that if the cash flow works, the business can thrive. Conversely, if the cash flow and the assumptions upon which it was based prove to be flawed, the business will most likely fail to flourish.


Ron has conducted dozens of group training seminars on banking finance, cash flow and marketing. He has also conducted hundreds of individual coaching and mentoring sessions.

You are an expert at what you do. 


You work hard for your customers, but the day-to-day 
activities just don't seem to make complete financial sense. 


You try to make sure everyone gets paid, but 
sometimes there just isn't quite enough for you.