Entrepreneurial Support



Are you tired of your bank account running your business?

Would you like to learn how to make better business decisions?

Would you like to have more time for productive activities and replace worry and doubt with control? 

From the early stage feasibility study, progressing through the business plan process, to monthly tracking of actual results, the business owner learns to make solid business decisions based on real financial considerations.


NB Services offers training and guidance to prepare feasibility studies, plans and tracking systems. NB Services can also prepare these tools for the entrepreneur.

Do you need a loan?  Is the prospect of making the right impression with a commercial lender not something you are comfortable with?


NB Services can assist you with your application or prepare a full banking proposal on your behalf. And if you wish, NB Services will attend your bank with you.



Banking Proposals

Does there never seem to be enough cash left over at the end of the week, month or year?Many businesses can benefit from a cash flow analysis to determine how best to manage pricing, invoicing, collections, purchases and payments.


NB Services is often able to determine how best to leverage supplier or customer terms, schedule payments, negotiate discounts, avoid penalties, adjust pricing and utilize or restructure debt for better rates and terms.

Cash Flow Analysis



Government Remittances

Does bookkeeping never seem to get done on time? Do you occasionally miss statutory government remittance payment dates? Are your employees properly documented and insured (WSIB)?


NB Services offers a complete bookkeeping service that can include payroll, T4 preparation/reconciliation and all government remittances. If this is an aspect of your business that you do not feel comfortable with, it cannot be ignored.


No matter how good your business is, failure to comply with standard bookkeeping practices and statutory reporting can be a huge problem. Just like your car, routine maintenance can be put off or even ignored for a while. But eventually, you will need to stop in a hurry and if the brakes don’t work, you could be dead. Your business needs routine maintenance too.

Personal & Corporate Tax Returns

At the end of the year, Revenue Canada needs to hear from almost everyone.


NB Services will complete and file your business or personal tax returns. Don’t wait until the last minute. Penalties and fines result from late filings when taxes are due. Refunds are expedited if you have overpaid and you file early.

One on one coaching, group training and telephone or internet consultations are standard NB Service offerings.


Do you need assistance registering your trade name, signing up for GST, setting up for your first employee, or dealing with WSIB? Not sure what to do about advertising, graphic design, insurance issues or other business matters?


We can help. We’ve worked with hundreds of local businesses and our active networking and up to date contact base provides for many lead and referral opportunities.

Business Consultation

Ron has facilitated dozens of group sessions from as small as three to over fifty.


Typical subjects are banking, finance and marketing but NB Services can be called upon to search and coordinate specialists to present on a variety of other subjects

Group Training Speaker

NB Services offers solid, comprehensive support for entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. We combine practical, administrative support with no-nonsense communication and training.

 Word  Excel  PowerPoint  Internet/e-mail 

Most of us learn computer applications by trial and error. This can often be time consuming or frustrating. Not sure where you can turn for support when you need just a little help or perhaps a lot.


NB Services has years of experience in most common business applications. If your needs are custom or more extensive, we have resources we can call upon for in depth personal or group training.

Computer Application Training

The Canada Revenue Agency supports a service to qualified income taxpayers through a network of trained community volunteers whereby income tax returns are prepared and EFILED at no cost to the taxpayer. Ron Nairn offers his services on a volunteer basis to individuals who may be eligible if they have a simple tax situation and meet the suggested family income level:​​​​​


  • Individuals with annual income under $30,000

  • Couples with an annual income under $40,000

  • Individuals with Child and an annual income under $35,000

  • For each additional child, add $2,500 to the suggested family income.

  • Interest income must be less than $1,000.


Volunteers do not prepare returns for individuals who:

  • have self-employment income

  • have business or rental income and expenses

  • have capital gains or losses

  • have employment expenses

  • file for bankruptcy

  • are deceased in the year


For more information on the program visit the Government of Canada Website:



C.V.I.T.P. Volunteer