Entrepreneurial Support




"As a Small Business Specialist, Ron provided small business coaching and monitoring to a diverse client group. He facilitated various workshops and assisted clients with every aspect of their small business start up. Ron was diligent and professional in his approach. His expertise in finance and his understanding of banking were appreciated by the business start-ups he assisted."


- Anne Lorriman, Assistant Director,

Employment and Community Services,

YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka


Ron provided support for the SELF EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS PROGRAM from 2002 to 2006. During that time he contributed to the design of many of the program’s business planning tools, training sessions and reports. He coached new entrepreneurs and monitored over 150 new businesses.

"What a delight to receive correspondence with the “Glow” of the enclosed from Pride of Muskoka Marine. Dean Kriekle, Sr. VP. Bank of Montreal. I just wanted to drop you a note regarding the commercial branch manager in Huntsville, Ron Nairn…We have grown a lot in the last 8 years and he has been very helpful during all the stressful times that have accompanied that growth…Ron takes a very personal interest in his accounts…Whether we sell boats or money, when we work together we all win. Keep up the good work and remember to pat Ron on the back."


- Carol Pride, Pride of Muskoka Marine

"Our journey through the SEB program was quite insightful and extremely educational. The first year is stressful and so very important to learn how to run your business. Thank you SEB and Ron."


- C.M. (S.E.B. Client)

"The hospitality industry needs investors who understand how this sector works. Ron Nairn understands our business and our financial needs. As successful business people, we believe there should be more “Ron Nairns” in the investment and financial sector."


- Neil Brodie,High Falls Chalet Inn

"I am a partner in the law firm of Thoms and Currie and have practiced law in the Town of Huntsville since, 1980. A substantial part of my practice during this period has been in the area of commercial real estate and commercial transactions generally. It has been my pleasure, on many occasions to deal with Ron.  In every instance, I found Ron to be exact, clear and timely with his instructions to me as a lawyer. On a more personal note, I have known Ron outside of work for the past several years and the same principals carry over into his life as an active and respected member of our community and a a fine personal friend to many of us."


- J. David Thoms, LLB

"I have always found Ron to be knowledgeable and energetic and readily available for advice. On the basis of his professional attention, I have recommended him to several colleagues in town, who have been equally satisfied with the service he provided. In summary, I can heartily recommend Ron to you, both as a personal friend and as an individual who has helped the business aspects of my practice run smoother."


- M. A. Wilson, MD, FRCPC

"I am calling, because I just wanted to let you know I had a visit from Revenue Canada to go over my books and how I keep everything. I passed with flying colours. I just wanted to let you know and to say thank you."


- C.F. (S.E.B. Client)

"When I started with SEB, I was not really enjoying the monthly reporting. But, very quickly I realized how important it is. How could anyone ever remember from month to month these so very important business issues? …another working tool to thank you for."


- D.M. (S.E.B. Client)

"I have to give you and the SEB program the credit. Without going through the business idea with a fine tooth comb, a year from now we would have been in trouble."


- N.K. (S.E.B. Client)